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Timber Construction – excellent

Baucon has been commissioned to plan, statically calculate, deliver, and install the roof framework and canopy structure made of steel beams for the Elementary School Campus at Meisenweg. This project marks the largest construction project in the history of the municipality of Michendorf and includes approximately 200 m³ of visible-grade glued laminated timber as well as a two-span sports hall with 28 m BSH (glued laminated timber) trusses.

Location: Michendorf, Germany
Building Developer: Municipality of Michendorf
Architect: GS/AI Galandi Schirmer Architekten + Ingeniere GmbH, Germany

Structural Construction: MBU Märkische Bau Union GmbH + Co KG

Timber Construction: Planning, Statics, Prefabrication, Assembly by Baucon Holzbau GmbH

4.500 m3 laminated wood

65.000 m2 area

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