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Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Building Developer: Besix
Architect: Team V Architectuur i.s.m. Arup, DGMR en DELVA Landscape Architecture/Urbanism 

Timber Construction – excellent

1728 m3 glued laminated timber

25,250 m2 cross-laminated timber

44,000 m2 gross floor area

The new headquarters of the media group DPG Media in Amsterdam is one of the largest wood-hybrid office buildings in the world. The new building offers a sustainable and green working environment. The three interconnected 7 storeys were mostly designed as a wooden construction, consisting of glued laminated timber columns and beams and cross laminated timber ceilings. The stiffening stairwell cores were realized in reinforced concrete construction. In total, around 25,000 m2 of cross laminated timber (CLT) and 1,728 m3 of glued laminated timber (GLT) and part of the steel construction were installed by L+S Baucon.

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