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Timber Construction – excellent

Location: Hallstadt, Germany
Building Developer: Cleantech Innovations Park GmbH
Architect: Nickel und Wachter Architekten, Germany

L+S Baucon was commissioned for the installation of the roof structure as well as ceiling and wall components at the Cleantech Innovation Park in Hallstadt. This outstanding project stands out with its expressively designed timber construction as a distinctive architectural gem. In addition to office space for researchers and highly innovative users, the spatial concept also promotes workshops, studios, and new working environments.

The design focuses on innovative facade design and the use of renewable or recycled materials, emphasizing sustainability. Particularly noteworthy is the open staircase sculpture made of wood, which is constructed independently of the load-bearing structure and allows for easy dismantling to adapt the building for various purposes.

With its inviting atmosphere created by light wood cladding and acoustically effective ceilings, the building embodies creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

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