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Timber Construction – excellent

The Tree Top Walk in Avondale is a wonderful example of the use of wood in architecture and construction. The 1.4-kilometre path leads through the forest and ends at a stunning viewing platform built entirely of wood.

The wooden installation at the end of the Tree Top Walk is a masterpiece of modern architecture and shows how wood can be used as a building material to create structures that are not only sustainable but also breathtakingly beautiful. We are proud to have supported the project with assembly and construction management on site.

Using wood as a building material is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Wood is a renewable resource and much less energy intensive to produce compared to traditional building materials such as concrete or steel.

The Tree Top Walk in Avondale is a must for anyone interested in architecture, wood and the beauty of nature. Not only does it offer an impressive viewing platform, but also the opportunity to experience and appreciate the use of wood as a building material in modern architecture.

Location:  Avondale, Ireland
Building Developer: Die Erlebnis-Akademie AG, GER

Architect: Stöger + Kölbl Architekten GmbH, GER

1.4 km long path

38 m high

360° view

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