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Location: Berlin, Germany
Building Developer: Senate Department for Urban Planning,

Building and Housing, Germany
Scholl Balbach Walker, Stuttgart; 

Helber + Ruff, Ludwigsburg

Timber Construction – excellent

The Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family, together with the respective district offices, commissioned the construction of 25 new sports halls. The reason for this is the growing number of students in Berlin.

A flexible, cost-effective and time-efficient construction method was the prerequisite for the new Berlin sports halls.


In addition to the assembly of the roof structure, consisting of BSH fork supports, gable roof trusses with a length of up to 33m and timber frame roof elements and the assembly of the wooden facade from prefabricated wall elements, the challenge was to also take on further services for the assembly of the outer shell.

This includes:

  • the sealing of the main roof using the EPDM roofing membrane from the manufacturer "Firestone".

  • the assembly of the mullion-transom facades on the ground floor and upper floor, including glazing of large-format glass panes with a height of almost 5m and the sheet metal cladding with the glazing system from "RAICO".

  • completing the outer shell with shuttering boards

  • installation of all external doors


We were able to consistently meet the specified assembly time of 10 weeks per hall for all sports halls.

1,060 m³ glued laminated timber

11,400 m² of roof elements

8,500 m² of wall elements

5,500 m² wood and glass facades

Locations of the first nine type sports halls (TSH) in Berlin 

  • CFv Siemens Gymnasium, Spandau (TSH 60*)

  • Lily-Braun-Gymnasium, Spandau (TSH 60*)

  • School at the Stadtpark, Steglitz (TSH 60*)

  • Vineta Elementary School, Middle (TSH 60*)

  • Brodowin elementary school, Lichtenberg (TSH 60*)

  • Sportforum Hohenschoenhausen, Hohenschoenhausen (TSH 60*)

  • Bernd Ryke Elementary School, Spandau (TSH 60*)

  • Columbus Elementary School, Reinickendorf (TSH 199*)

  • Olympic Park Sports School, Charlottenburg (TSH 199*)

*TSH60: gallery for 60 spectators and hall area of 22x45m

*TSH199: grandstand for 199 spectators and hall area of 27x45m

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