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Location: Steinberg am See, Germany
Building Developer: inMotion Park GmbH
General contractor: Almholz VertriebsgmbH., Austria

Timber Construction – excellent

The adventure wooden sphere at Steinberger See in Germany is a real experience. It is a walk-in wooden sphere with a weight of 500 tons, an arch engraving of approx. 15 meters and a total height of 40 meters. It was developed as a public place and can be explored by up to 950 visitors at the same time. The twenty spherical glulam elements give the adventure wooden sphere its well-known visible shape. The precisely fitting structure illustrates the perfection of the prefabrication and the many years of experience of the wood installation team – a promising combination that leads to success.

627 m³ glulam

3.300 m² Cladding panels

500 tons weight

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