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Glulam Supplier & Installer worldwide

Baucon is specialized in processing of glued laminated timber and has been carrying out fantastic projects with GLT worldwide for many years, including in Asia, Australia and Europe. Nothing is impossible when it comes to assembling glued laminated timber – in all sizes and shapes, around the globe.

The Baucon company, with its headquarters in Germany, Ireland and Switzerland, works all the time on renowned wood projects and regularly wins awards for its work.
With more than 20 years of experience in building with glued timber, Baucon shines with competence and the ability to bring projects with a high-quality to an end while sticking to the schedule.

Why glued laminated timber?

Glued laminated timber has taken on a major role in timber engineering. The glued timber is considered to be particularly stable and efficient and has many other advantages.
The rod-shaped solid wood element usually consists of at least three pieces of wood or board layers glued parallel to the grain. For the size of the Baucon assembly, it is often more than three layers.

The individual elements of the glued laminated timber are stacked in individual layers. An essential feature here is that the individual boards point in the same grain direction, which is also one of the main distinguishing features between glued laminated timber and cross laminated timber.

The glulam is made from softwood and has excellent stability and resilience. Before gluing, the wood is dried and rough-planed. After gluing, the glued laminated timber is planed again. The glulam is not produced by Baucon itself. Here the company works with renowned wood producers from Germany and Austria.

Baucon has been assembling solid wood for many years, as the construction projects usually make exceptional demands on the ability of the wood and aesthetics. This includes the static stress on the glue bars, especially in large buildings such as airports, train stations, incinerators, cultural buildings, etc.

With glued laminated timber, the shapes and sizes of the glued timber can be freely determined, as there is no natural limitation by the tree trunks. What used to be a limitation for wood engineering and therefore often had to be switched to steel, is no longer the case today. The wood can be produced and glued according to the requirements for length, width and density and scores with fabulous stability, which also replaces steel.

Often the rod-shaped element made of glued laminated timber is used as a beam or columns/ props. In contrast to the related cross-laminated timber, which is mainly used as panel-shaped elements for walls.

Due to the multiple layers of boards glued, the wood is even resistant to moisture. Compared to previous full use from tree trunks, the squared timber does not swell and is less prone to cracking.

The advantages of glued laminated timber:

The advantages of using glued laminated timber are obvious. Here is a small list of the most relevant characteristics:

  • optimal room climate
  • optimal moisture balance
  • visually positive and calming effect
  • carbon binding – climate friendly
  • high load capacity
  • high resistance
  • dimensional stability
  • high degree of prefabrication
  • architectural and constructive versatility
  • building over large spans possible

Examples of glued laminated timber (glulam)

The first pictures show a project in Center Parks in Ballymahon, Longford in Ireland. Here the company Baucon installed 49 meters long glued laminated timbers.

We also installed many roof structures made of glued wood for example for Lidl shopping halls in Great Britain and Ireland.

These are pictures from Lidl Gorey in Ireland.

These are pictures from Nenagh in Ireland.

The new activity centre, St. George College in England with his massive glulam beams was also carried out by Baucon.

A special project also took place in Stroud, Ireland. A glulam church was installed here, which is shortlisted for the Woodaward 2020.

Baucon and glued laminated timber

When it comes to design, Baucon works with the best-known and most specialized partners, for example with curved glulam beams, half-timbered beams, ridge beams, structural beams with large spans, etc.

Every project is unique and has its challenges. Baucon takes this into account and strives to find innovative, tailor-made solutions for every project.

Baucon takes its commitment to its customers very seriously and precisely for this reason Baucon has a good and well-deserved reputation in the wood industry.